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To obtain good results in real estate projects and sales, real estate developers must comply with the keys indicated above. If you want to deliver a property in good condition, you must hire a company to furnish, repair or maintain the real estate asset.

We have the best maintenance and daily management solution for your business. We are capable of adapting to the needs of each client. We provide you with excellent monitoring of installations and after-sales services to improve customer service. 

To avoid delays when carrying out a projectreal estate developers must carefully control the procedures. Therefore, each decision must bear in mind all the phases that the real estate asset must go through. This way, future errors will be avoided.

This is because, in a project, decisions are not made lightly. Therefore, through this article, you will learn the fundamental keys to the execution of a good project. In this way, you will be successful during the planning, programming and financing of the property.

Problem Solving

Every project has numerous problems and challenges. Developers should not solve just a few of them; They must be able to solve all issues that arise.


When a developer encounters a brick wall, he instinctively knows how to get around or around it.

Ability to make difficult decisions

 A successful real estate developer will require hundreds of decisions, each of which must be made based on facts and analysis.

People skills

These skills are based on making people want to help you succeed, that is, having people skills.

Real estate developments

When we talk about real estate developmentswe are referring to all those management and coordination activities that are carried out with the purpose of creating a property which can be occupied by other people, either as offices or as homes.

 Developing a real estate property involves different activities; some of them have to do with the purchase of land, constructing the buildings and maintaining them after their completion so that they remain in good condition.

Something else that should be taken into account is that this concept comes from a term in English called “property development”, which could be translated as real estate developer, that is, the person or company that invests in a house, an apartment or an office.

Yardney’s conceptualization of developments mentions one of the main actors in this issue, that is, the people who will become the final consumers of a building, for example, the tenants of an apartment building.

The companies that are dedicated to this business carry out all the necessary stages that this industry demands, with the aim that the people who are going to buy an apartment in CDMX are the main beneficiaries since they will be the ones who will live in these properties.

Development approach and its objectives

The first question that all companies that are dedicated to this real estate field should ask themselves is: why is a building going to be built in a specific area?

This is basic because it is not about building anywhere; two points must be taken into account: supply and demand.

Offer is the set of houses, buildings, commercial premises, entertainment venues, etc. that are in the area where the developers want to build, so their property must cover a need that is missing in that site. Otherwise, it will not. We could talk about a good investment.

 Demand, with this term, refers to the number of people who could need an apartment in a highly sought-after area to live that has three key types of buildings: housing, commercial and office.

At this point, the demographic growth trend in the area where the developments are going to be built must also be taken into account because a place with few inhabitants could mean that there is little demand to live in the new buildings.

Financial structuring

In the field of real estate development, there is something that should never be taken lightly, and that is the financial part of the project. It is necessary that from the beginning, there is a stipulated investment from which the objectives of said project will be worked on.

It is not just about establishing an amount; other factors must also be taken into account to get the most out of that investment, for example, feasibility studies, risk analyses and environmental studies.

With this, buyers of an apartment also benefit since the price they will pay for their property will not be affected since everything must be well established to avoid possible problems that may arise.

Land acquisition

Land acquisition, when supply and demand have been studied very well, what follows for real estate developments is to acquire the land, if it will be built from scratch, or the property, if it is going to be remodelled.

For this, a good tool can be a market study, which provides a clearer picture of the demand that exists near the property to be built, how many apartments are sold on average in the area, demographic growth and demographics. of the site.

Importance Of 3D Infographics In Real Estate Promotion

The construction and real estate development industry has become one of the most relevant sectors in the Singapore economy, and innovative and impressive tools have been designed for companies in the sector to facilitate the presentation and sale of their real estate developments. One of the most effective tools in this sector is 3D images or infographics.

3D infographic projects for the real estate sector have been booming in recent years and have become the most effective visual communication tool. In an ongoing search to promote the wide range of real estate products that the market has, an attempt has been made to give life to the obsolete plans on paper, and they have been replaced by rendered or 3D images and 360º virtual tours.

The main mission of the infographic technician is to convert two-dimensional 2D plans into 3D images or renders, providing solutions to the specific needs of the construction industry. Through them, completed projects of homes or urbanizations that still need to be built are captured in images.

3D infographics bring real estate projects and developments to life, making it easier to show the project to potential investors and future buyers of the products and show, through increasingly detailed images, the future building or development offered.