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About Us

Located in the heart of vibrant Amoy Street, Avenue 87 is a Modern Asian restaurant that embodies and celebrates the two personal journeys – beginning with its name. Born in the same year, 1987, Glen and Alex both spent childhoods in Hougang: Glen at Avenue 8; Alex – you guessed it – at Avenue 7.

Avenue 87
Avenue 87 Dining Area

Housed within warm, sophisticated ambience of a 2-storey conservation shophouse, Chefs Glen and Alex bring to the table well-loved Asian favourites, given a creative twist using traditional and contemporary techniques. Many components are prepared from scratch; the local and the artisanal are celebrated. Old and new methods are explored and often combined. The familiar flavours of childhood, and the dishes they love to eat today, are the starting points of their innovation, the end results bringing a sense of nostalgia and comfort to the diner.

What sets the restaurant apart is the seamless synergy of co-Chef-Founders Glen Tay and Alex Phan, and the unique brand of creativity and innovation they bring.  Also special is the platform given to dynamic brands, producers, and talents of Singapore and the region.

Avenue 87 is the culmination of two remarkable personal journeys and the crucible of a friendship. It is a restaurant built on the passion for food, and the determination to see it propagated through the cultivation of local traditions and new talent. And it is the safe space where two friends push each other’s boundaries to bring an act of collaborative creation like no other to the diner.