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We work by executing all the services in a delegated promotion or carrying out only some of them.


Leadership is the ability to convince all participants in development to do their best and do it on time.

Communication skills

Communicate everything from vision to detailed instructions clearly and convincingly.

Negotiation skills

The real estate developer requires negotiations with buyers, sellers, investors, bankers, contractors, architects, governments, suppliers and many other interested parties.


Successful developers stick with each challenge until it is achieved.

The design of real estate developments

Once real estate development projects go through a legal and legal framework that must be fully covered, another essential aspect must be thought about in design.

The design of an apartment building is basic because “love is born from sight,” and buyers want them to be safe and, of course, to have an attractive image in line with current decorative trends.

When we talk about design, we are not only referring to the appearance that a building will have; it also involves other needs, such as contractors, consultants and architects who contribute to the business plan so that the project is successful.

Advertising and sale of real estate developments

Advertising carried out with the aim of selling apartments can begin even when a building is under construction because another important issue comes into play: the pre-sale of the flats.

The pre-sale of apartments refers to the fact that people can approach the companies in charge of carrying out real estate developments to acquire one of their spaces, which is barely under construction and which, at that moment, has a lower price than the one that will be offered when the property is finished.

Finally, when the developments are finished, the sale is the last step, which must be carried out through a contract that establishes all the conditions for each of the parties, with the aim that no problems of any kind arise later.


Plan sidewalks, patios and the design of the home so that it stands out in the environment.


Analyze the characteristics of the terrain, the material, construction specifications and processes to know how to build.


Organizes the construction project with an appropriate budget and manages it on time and opportunity.

Construction of real estate developments

Of course, after the design is ready, what follows is its execution, that is, the construction of the work, following the architectural plans and the necessary legal regulations.

As part of this stage, a contract must be signed to give security to all those involved in a real estate development project because it establishes the deadline to complete the construction, the cost it will have and the relationships from that point on. Moment the builders will have with the developers.

 Supervision Skills

Leadership skills

The planning and construction of a real estate project requires the collaboration of a team of professionals from different areas. The developer must have leadership skills to be able to lead and coordinate this team efficiently. This includes the ability to set clear goals, motivate the team, and make important decisions at critical moments. It is also important that the developer is able to communicate effectively with all team members to ensure effective collaboration and successful completion of the project. These skills are essential to making the project a success and becoming a successful real estate developer. In short, to become a successful real estate developer, it is essential to have financial knowledge, marketing skills, legal knowledge, and leadership skills. With these qualities, you will be able to plan, build and sell real estate projects efficiently and profitably, achieving the desired success in the field of real estate development. It is important to highlight that these skills are fundamental and must be continually worked on to stay updated and prepared to face the challenges of the market. It is important to be constantly learning, educating and editing in order to stabilize yourself at the top of the game and be a successful real estate developer.